churchroleofficeDo you declare to be a Leader in your service or your field of proficiency?

Does this explain you, your up-line or another person on your
Mastermind Group? Here are some ideas that may assist you out.

I have actually discovered that lots of people declare to be Leaders, however I consider them Slackers rather. A Slacker is somebody that essentially likes to offer direction or instructions, however takes no action to advance themselves or their company.

Leader: Applauds his/her group and uses motivation
Slacker: Quick to discover fault and slow to offer appreciation

Leader: Leads by example and is a good example for his/her group
Slacker: Blends in with the crowd and never ever steps up to take a management function


Leader: Has a deep rooted belief in his/her company and leads brand-new colleagues
through the development procedure (discovering business and dealing with barriers).
Slacker: Encourages an individual to sign up with his/her group then pawns them off on somebody.
else or merely presses them to the side (Described as “indication and drop”).

Leader: Holds himself/herself to a greater requirement that his/her group
Slacker: Has a high level of expectation for his/her group however does not hold
himself/herself to that exact same requirement

Simply keep in mind, that a leader needs to lead and nurture others through the development procedure. This very same failure frame of mind will ripple down to his/her colleagues if he/she loses stability and stops working to take action. A group will replicate their leader and their leader’s actions.

Which of these attributes, finest explains you and your colleagues? Be truthful with yourself.

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