This is a wonderful pointer from Touch For Health to assist you when you’re stressed out, upset, upset or nervous. Attempt holding your frontal eminences. When they’re distressed, these bumps on your forehead that numerous individuals hold intuitively.

While you hold these points think of the demanding occasion. It can be something that has actually currently occurred, something that will occur, or something you fear might never ever take place! Slowly you need to discover that the tension decreases.

As you hold the points and believe about/imagine the occasion, you will most likely begin to feel calmer – you might even discover that you begin to feel a little bored thinking about this situation that formerly worried or outraged you a lot.

You might wish to do it a number of times covering various elements of the issue. You can do them one after the other, or at various times, whichever feels finest for you.

You can enjoy it in white and black if that feels much easier too. Utilize it to pacify anything that you feel nervous, stressed out, afraid or mad about.

Why does it work?

These specific points on the forehead, called frontal eminences, are reflex points with connections to the main meridian (included with the brain), the stomach meridian (and your stomach typically churns when you’re mad or distressed), and the bladder meridian (journeys to the loo/bathroom are typically required when we’re worried).


This is what he composed to me later on:

“I do not understand how to thank you enough for the method you explained to me over the phone recently, it assisted me immensely!”

The following week he sent me this message:

It might be difficult to think that something this simple might be reliable in getting rid of stress and anxiety and tension, however attempt it and see.

Hold your forehead at the points where it is outermost out – about 3cms (1.25 inches) above the middle of each eyebrow.

While you hold these points believe about the difficult occasion. Utilize it to pacify anything that you feel nervous, stressed out, afraid or mad about.

” Your idea worked when again last night – headed out (in the pitch black with my Light & Movement ‘more daylight’ light) and did some severe single-tracking and downhilling!!! I never ever believed I ‘d be doing that once again – ever! Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fantastic!!!!!!!”.

Attempt holding your frontal eminences. These are bumps on your forehead that lots of individuals hold intuitively when they’re disturbed.

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