washingtonbridgebuddhaThat is, it is a state of being where all that exists is the present minute, without any idea of past or future. If you are checking out, simply check out. If you are checking out and you are not completely focusing on the act of checking out then once again, you are not in the present. Regardless of what you occur to be doing, if you are believing about something else, then you are not mindful and not in a state of now-ness.

When you are not mindful, not here and now, your present peace of mind might be interrupted by some approaching future occasion for no great factor. That night you went to a celebration and delighted in the night for a number of hours when it occurred! You attempted not to believe about the test however to no obtain, your present joy was ruined by the ideas of a future occasion.

Understand that if I were to ask you how you feel, I am not asking how you felt the other day or how you think you may feel tomorrow. I am asking you how you feel at this very minute. If you were to address me by stating, “at the present minute I feel great,” then you are great since now is all that exists.

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