spiritualspiritualThe “revolving towards” is what we call the world, the “I and mine”; it consist of all those things which are constantly improving that “me” by wealth and cash and power, and name and popularity, and which are of a comprehending nature, constantly tending to collect whatever in one centre, that centre being “myself”. That is the Pravritti, the natural propensity of every human being; taking whatever from all over and loading it around one centre, that centre being male’s own sweet self.

When a male has actually reached that state, he has actually achieved to the excellence of Karma – yoga. This is the greatest outcome of greats. A male has actually not studied a single system of viewpoint, although he does not think in any God, and never ever has actually thought, although he has actually not hoped even when in his entire life, if the basic power of excellent actions has actually brought him to that state where he is prepared to offer up his life and all else for others, he has actually gotten here at the exact same point to which the spiritual male will come through his prayers and the thinker through his understanding; and so you might discover that the thinker, the employee, and the fan, all fulfill at one point, that one point being self – abnegation.

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